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A Simple Alias

Jun 10, 2024

This is the one where we think Sloane is up to know good (or at least Dixon does) and then it turns out Jack and Sloane are in cahoots?!

It's also the one where Nadia has a birthday, doesn't want to celebrate, gets talked into celebrating, and is then very disappointed when Sydney set up the dinner so she could spy...

May 27, 2024

 This is the one where Bree (@bleach226) and Jess (@jesspkoehler) go back and rewatch the first set of episodes  (episodes 4 - 9) that were aired in a different order than they were originally written and examine the impact on the season and more particularly the characters.

Season 4 intended/written order:


May 13, 2024

This one is a "classic" (just as Sark and also Jess (@jesspkoehler)! After Anna shoots Nadia at the end of last episode, we find Nadia in a coma most of this episode while Jack has Marshall work to learn what Nadia knew that led to Anna shooting her (and then trying to shoot her again!). Ultimately, Jack pulls Nadia...

Apr 29, 2024

This is the one where we get both ANNA ESPINOSA and SARK back on our screens! (aka Gina Torres and David Anders)....need we say more?

 It's also the one where we, Bree (@bleach226) and Jess (@jesspkoehler) love how "classic" Alias this episode feels...and have concerns about why Sloane is even in the building.


Apr 15, 2024

This is the one where Sydney keeps going off book during her missions with Nadia. This is the one where Nadia and Sydney get an invite to Boris' hotel room to steal his information about the sale of black thorine (much to Sloane's frustration and everyone else's delight) and then they go on ANOTHER mission to steal the...