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A Simple Alias

Oct 19, 2020

This is the one where Bree (@bleach226) and Jess (@jesspkoehler) talk about how we are a pro-candy corn podcast. Also, we find that a mission for a vaccine for a respiratory disease hits too close to home, we love Francie's Halloween decor, and our hearts break with Sydney's when Dixon is too good at his job. Oh, and what's going on with Case 332L?????

MUSIC: If you're watching on Amazon and want to line up the scenes with the original feature songs, here are the sound clips.

Francie & Will decorating (start 22:37 on Los Angeles title): Play I'm Wrong About Everything by John Wesley Harding starting the song at 00:12 with the first lyrics.

Halloween party, Dixon arrives (start 27:34): Play Get Down Massive by Freestylers starting the song at 01:05.

Halloween party, Will & Francie talk (start 29:09): Play Trans Am by Leroy starting the song at 00:11 with the first lyrics.

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