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A Simple Alias

Nov 2, 2020

This is the one where Bree (@bleach226) and Jess (@jesspkoehler) talk about whether non-apple fritters exist, whether or not Sydney intentionally matched the artwork in that London art gallery, how Charlie is a really great singer, and how there are so many things in this episode are sad. "So, on a lighter note... maybe..." 

MUSIC: If you're watching on Amazon and want to line up the scenes with the original feature songs, here are the sound clips.

Sydney at home and talking to Francie (starts at 4:27 right after Vaughn finishes talking): Play "Going, Going Gone" by The Stars starting the song at 00:17.

London Art Gallery (start at 21:02 just after London title): Play "Tornado" by Garbage starting the song at 00:04.

Charlie's Gig (start 28:06): Play "Zero Hours A Week" by Huffamoose starting the song at 00:00.

VIDEO: Watch the original promo for this week's episode here on YouTube. NOTE: This full video includes several promos for S1, don't watch past this promo (:31 - 1:02) if you want to avoid spoilers.

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