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A Simple Alias

Nov 16, 2020

This is the one where Bree (@bleach226) and Jess (@jesspkoehler) talk about how sad the scene by the fire with Shepard is and how happy the scene outside Sydney's house at Thanksgiving makes us (we just want Syd and SpyDaddy to LOVE EACH OTHER). It's also the one where we find out Marshall has inflatable furniture, where Charlie proposes, and OH NO IS SLOANE ON TO SYD AND SPYDADDY?!

MUSIC: If you're watching on Amazon and want to line up the scenes with the original feature songs, here are the sound clips.

Sydney & Shepard Escape (start 20:21):Play The Wait by The Pretenders starting the song at 00:00.

Thanksgiving Prep Montage (start 32:43): Play
Everything's All Right (I Think It's Time) by Jude starting the song at 00:02 when the music starts.

Rendezvous to End Montage (start 41:08): Play Not In This Life by Natalie Merchant starting the song at 00:00.

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